This article provides the information on how to log into the app via Facebook and avoid the "Login disabled" error.

If the account security logging into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled on your phone, you will receive the following error while trying to log in via Facebook.


To download and log in to the Facebook mobile app, please follow the instructions:

Open settings tab of your phone, locate and open “Apps” tab.

Open choose default apps option, Browser app and select Chrome as a default browser on your phone.

Go back to default apps categories and choose “Opening links”

Enable the option “Open links in app” and close the settings of your phone.

Then, open Facebook mobile application, log in and get to the newsfeed page. Tap on the menu icon in the right upper corner and open Settings & Privacy tab.

Go to Settings, then, Media and enable “Links open externally” option.

Open Golf Pad GPS application, go to Preferences in the right upper corner, open User profile tab. Choose "Log in" and tap on "more options".

Choose the option to sign in with Facebook, and Facebook login page should appear, so you can enter your login and password.