Golf Pad supports World Handicap System (WHS) on Android starting with version 15.5 and iPhone starting with version 13.12. Handicap-adjusted (net) scoring and a calculator for estimated handicap index are part of Golf Pad Premium upgrade. 

When playing a round, Golf Pad will:

- Compute your playing handicap according to WHS rules.

- Assign handicap strokes according to hole handicaps. Strokes are shown as dots in scorecard.

- Compute and display gross and net totals for each nine and for the full round.

- Handicap scoring is supported for all scoring modes, including Strokeplay, Stableford, Matchplay, Skins and more. 

You can manually specify your handicap index or use Golf Pad's built-in handicap estimate calculator (see below). We are investigating a way to automatically lookup handicap index based on member number (such as GHIN number). Once the feature becomes available, we'll publish an announcement to Golf Pad community. 

When you using handicap estimate calculator, Golf Pad will:

- Select the eligible rounds from playing history

- Populate scores for missing holes according to WHS rules, as long as at least 7 holes are finished

- Combine 9 hole rounds to make an 18 hole round as necessary

- Compute differentials using net double bogey adjustment

- Pick the best 8 rounds (or less if total number of rounds is less than 20)

- Apply 'exceptional score' and 'limit of handicap movement' rules

- Compute and display the final handicap

Regional variations of WHS for Australia and UK are fully supported in Golf Pad. Just be sure to select the appropriate version in Golf Pad preferences / Handicap system.

You can always review adjusted scores, handicap differentials and other information for all rounds by tapping DETAILS next to computed handicap in Golf Pad preferences / user profile. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: 'Playing Conditions Calculation' is not applied in Golf Pad's handicap calculator as playing conditions data is not published at this time. This means that your handicap computed in Golf Pad may slightly differ from the official handicap. We are looking into ways to add playing conditions calculation.

How quickly is handicap index re-calculated after adding a score? 

Index is recalculated immediately after an eligible round is added.