Some users reported a problem where GPS distances on the watch update fine while phone screen is on, but stop updating when phone screen is turned off or shortly after. This typically means that the system puts down Golf Pad phone app to sleep to save battery. In other words, it does not allow it to run in background while you play. 

Usually you can fix it by doing one of the following:

  • Disable power saving (also sometimes called 'battery optimizer') mode on the phone if you have it enabled.
  • Some Android phones have 'app power monitor' or similar built-in functionality that will force-put apps to sleep. If you have one, disable the monitor during the golf round or add an exception for Golf Pad. Here's a page with instructions for Samsung phones.
  • Check if you have any 3rd party battery optimizer apps and disable them during the golf round or add an exception for Golf Pad
  • (Android 5 or later) Enable screen pinning and pin Golf Pad during the round. 

In a rare case where none of the options work, you can enable Golf Pad TAGS in Golf Pad settings (even if you don't have Golf Pad TAGS tracking system). This will keep the screen on throughout the round and automatically dim it. Note, this will increase power usage, but ensure Golf Pad stays active in background.