League Rounds are a new add-on to our Group Rounds feature. With Group Rounds users are limited to 8 players maximum, but League Rounds allow for any number of players. Perfect for Men's or Ladies' club events. In order to set a League Round up within the Golf Pad app you simply need to start a round at the course you want to play and select the Group Rounds tab from the round 

 screen. You will see the screen below with any active Group Rounds in the area. In order to start a new rounds simply press the "+" button.

From this screen you will be able to name the round, set the scoring mode, decide who the rounds is visible to and select the League Round option.

Once you start your League Round, you will be able to send invitations to join or edit the round settings if needed. All you need to do then is to start the round the same way you would a personal round on Golf Pad.

Scoring updates will be available in the full scorecard screen the same way that they are in a regular Group Round.