Setting up a group round can be done from the round settings screen. A new tab has been added called Group Rounds, by selecting this tab you can start a group round and invite other Golf Pad users to join.

The first step is to select the Group Rounds tab on the round settings screen, make sure that you have already selected the course and scoring mode that your group will be using.

Next, you will see a screen that displays the currently available Group Rounds, tap the "+" button to start a new Group Round.

Create a name for your Group Round and adjust the visibility settings. You can make your Group Round open for any Golf Pad users to join or exclusively by invite only. Invitations can be sent via email, text message or social media. Invitations will contain a link to join your specific Group Round.

As you play your round and your group members update their scores, any one in the group will be able to look at the scorecard and see everyone's scores.