While the free Golf Pad app is packed with useful features, we've got even more to offer in our Premium app. There are 15 Premium features (and counting)!  

Smartwatch Support

gearS2 200.pngOur most popular Premium feature is smartwatch sync. These smartwatch brands are supported:

Android Wear  Apple Watch  Samsung Gear  Pebble  Magellan Echo

 Track shots
 See distances and your score
 Get club recommendations 
 ...and more from your wrist

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Intelligent Club Recommendations

Club recommendations are another useful Premium feature. You'll get recommendations based on your club averages, distance to target, elevation change, temperature and altitude. 

Popular Scoring Modes

Enjoy gross and net (handicap-adjusted) scoring, including Skins, Stableford, Modified Stableford, Match Play, Stroke Play, Chairman and more.

Online Data Backup

Get automatic online backups. You'll never lose your game data even if you replace your phone! 

Premium features are designed to help you know your game and play better. It's probably the best investment in golf you'll ever make. 

Upgrade Now

To upgrade, visit the Player Dashboard and click "Upgrade". 

Or upgrade within the app by tapping 'Upgrade to Premium' in the start screen.