Unfortunately, Pebble ended its official smartwatch support on July 30, 2017. Golf Pad can still be used with Pebble if you have already set up the watch prior to the date. If you need to set up a Pebble now, you may try a workaround solution below. It worked for us, however, Golf Pad does not maintain it and can't guarantee it will work for everyone.


  • install Pebble application from Google Play or Apple App Store, connect your watch to the phone via Bluetooth in Pebble application;
  • log into (or create) your Rebble account at https://auth.rebble.io/ on your mobile device (it should already have the official Pebble app installed);
  • visit https://boot.rebble.io/ from your mobile device to switch the Pebble app to Rebble Web Services.

Here you can find more information about Rebble account: http://rebble.io/

Next, you need to install the new Golf Pad Pebble app to enable the features. Just search for "Golf Pad" in the Pebble or Pebble Time app on your phone and select the version that has the watch app (as opposed to companion-only app).

Then open Golf Pad preferences and enable Pebble link. Note, Golf Pad Premium subscription is required.

Finally, start a new round in Golf Pad and select a course. You should be able to see the distances on your Pebble now. If they don't show up automatically, please press the middle right button and select 'Golf Pad' from the list of apps.