No. Golf Pad is not an official registered golf club for handicapping purposes, so it DOES NOT provide an official handicap. However, the app includes a calculator that can compute handicap estimate based on your playing history. Golf Pad supports World Handicap System (WHS), including regional variations

In order to use the calculator:

  • start Golf Pad
  • go to Preferences
  • click on "User Profile" tab
  • scroll down and find "Handicap"
  • select Gender
  • change the handicap source from "Enter manually" to "Compute from playing history" 

Golf Pad needs at least 3 rounds to be able to calculate a handicap estimate.

For rounds to be used in handicap calculation, the tee must be selected and the rounds need to be completed and saved to your playing history. You can tap the DETAILS button (Android) or the arrow (iPhone) next to the estimated handicap to see which rounds were included in handicap calculation.