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Green mapping

Many apps now offer mapping of greens to their premium users. When will this function be offered? Given the annual license fee compared to other software, it seems like Golfpad needs to consider adding this feature somehow so it can offer a comprehensive list of features which are currently available in the market. I understand that this was not prevalent a few years ago, but many apps now offer this to their premium users. If golfpad wants to stay with the market I think I needs to consider offering this.

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Hi Amit - thanks for the suggestion and for being part of the Golf Pad community. This is something we are exploring. Keep the feedback coming in! We add features consistently based on user feedback. - Cindy

Thanks Cindy for the update. Do you have a current timeline on when this is going to be rolled out? What other features is the Golfpad team considering?

I don't have a timeline right now. A few we are working on WHS for Apple, club selection from the watch and tournament software. We're always updating and innovating for our users. 

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