1. Fully charge your Golf Pad LINK. The orange LED charging light will turn to green once the device is fully charged.

2. Power on the LINK by pressing the power button (see this page for LINK controls information).

3. Open Golf Pad app and tap Settings

4. Select Golf Pad LINK from settings list

5. Enable Golf Pad LINK. On Android only, choose 'Use LINK reader' option.


7. You should see a Golf Pad LINK device in the list of the nearby devices. It may take a minute to appear. Select it from the list.

    NOTE: You must physically tap on the Golf Pad LINK (your number) in the list for this step to work

8. Once you get the prompt, press and hold the power button on the LINK reader for 2+ seconds.

The LINK is now be connected. Proceed to install tags and assign clubs.

Unable to pair the LINK? Please check the troubleshooting steps at this page.